Best Beer 2008 Ignites Historical Debate!

This year the RFT awarded Best Beer to O'Fallon's 5-Day IPA. In the write-up that accompanies the award, we note the mythology of India pale ale:

India pale ale was born of necessity. How to preserve Britons' beloved beverage during its long voyage to the far-flung corners of the empire? The solution was elegant in its simplicity, its genius so profound that it has become a rallying cry for craft brewers across America: "Add more hops!"

Today STL Hops blogger Mike Sweeney posted a very complimentary analysis of our beer-related Best Ofs. However, he wrote the following about the Best Beer selection:

Even if the article may continue to misrepresent the history of the IPA, it's good to see one of the best beers in St. Louis get its due.

Whoops! Except maybe not. A interesting debate about the origins of IPA is taking place in the comments to Mike's original post. Hop heads should definitely check it out.

- Ian Froeb

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