Review Preview: Bobo Noodle House

The new year of restaurant reviews begins tomorrow with a visit to Bobo Noodle House.

On the front door of Bobo Noodle House are the restaurant's logo, a pair of chopsticks laid across a bowl, and its motto, "Yum now." This is a promise, or a mission statement: Good food, served quickly. And, in its sleekness and economy, it is a signal that this is no mere new restaurant, let alone a plain old noodle shop, but the result of an well-conceived and -executed business plan.

No surprise there. Bobo Noodle House is the latest collaboration between restaurateur Zoë Robinson and chef Ny Vongsaly. Vongsaly is the executive chef at Robinson's I Fratellini; the two also operated the late Zoë Pan-Asian Café . This new venture is, in theory, a stroke of genius: an inexpensive, stylish, fast-casual eatery across the street from Washington University.

Check back tomorrow to see what I think.

- Ian Froeb

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