Gut Check Thing of the Year Nominee: Melamine


Gut Check honors the people, places and things that obsessed us in 2008. The winner will be named on Tuesday, December 30.



Pros: We'd hoped to leave the food-safety issue in 2007. We'd even named E. coli our inaugural Gut Check Thing of the Year as a sort of bribe to remain a thing of the past. Alas, the recalls and panics continued this year, and the melamine scandal brought together our two favorite news topics: food safety and China. Melamine in infant formula and milk products claimed at least one life and sickened thousands more.

Cons: Though melamine killed U.S. pets in 2007, it didn't do anwhere near as much damage in the U.S. this year. In general, although this wasn't a good year for food safety, it didn't feel half as bad as last year.

- Ian Froeb


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