Cheesesteak Quest: East Coast Pizza


Have you been outside today? It feels like late March or early April. It's so nice that some latent appetite within me has been awakened: Cheesesteak Quest, on hiatus since May of last year, has returned.

Now that the western half of the new Highway 64 is open, I decided to cruise out to Chesterfield to East Coast Pizza (Web site), apizza and sandwich joint in the Boone's Crossing megalopolis. The name inspired hope in this transplanted East Coast boy. My hope grew when I read that the owners themselves are transplants from Philly, New York and New Jersey -- exponentially so when I saw Tastykakes for sale.

But I was there for the cheesesteak. How does it measure up? Find out after the jump...

The cheesesteak is served on a roll imported from Philadelphia's Amoroso's Baking Company. This roll held its own against all of the cheese and grease, but it wasn't too tough or crusty.

The cheese was white American, with that signature processed-cheese tang, but this was a cheesesteak with the emphasis on the steak -- chopped rib eye, according to the menu, and lots of it. The steak was a touch less tender than I prefer (I would have yanked it off the flattop maybe half a minute sooner) but still tasty. Chopped onion added bite without distracting from the meaty flavor.

All in all, a good cheesesteak on a coatless afternoon. You can't ask for much more from a Friday in January.

cheez whiz 1.jpgcheez whiz 1.jpgcheez whiz 1.jpghalfwhiz.JPG

Update: I forgot my own rating scale. This is out of 5 Cheez Whiz jars, not 4. A 3.5 is closer to what I intended.

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