Chicago Pizzeria Owners Bitter Over Obama's Perfidious Preference for Pi

Wikimedia Commons
A sampling from Chicago's Pizzeria Uno -- scorned by Obama.
It was only a matter of time. News of President Obama's invitation to Pi's Chris Sommers,  Ryan Mangilardo and Anne Schuermann to cater a White House dinner has reached Chicago, and, according to the Chicago Tribune, pizzeria owners there are taking his decision personally.
Marc Malnati, owner of 30 Lou Malnati's Pizzerias across the Chicago area, said he'd never heard of Pi and had to assume Obama's choice came from lack of experience.

"I like his economic policy--I think he's going to get us out of trouble. I like his foreign policy--he's making friends around the world. His pizza policy is going to have to change," Malnati said.
Others are confident Obama's professed love of Pi is only a fling:
"If he wants to explore other types of pizza, while not as good as ours I'm sure, I'm not hurt," said April McRaven, general manager for Pizzeria Uno downtown.
Obama's reported favorite pizza joint when he lived in Chicago, by the way, was neither Malnati's nor Uno's, but Pizza Capri.

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