Pi Delivers to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Ian Froeb
Then-Senator Barack Obama, shortly after falling in love with Pi.
As George Mahe first reported on Feast last week, President Barack Obama has invited Delmar Loop pizza restaurant Pi (6144 Delmar Boulevard; Web site) to cook for him at the White House. Sommers dropped me a line today to report that plans are proceeding for himself, Pi managing partner Ryan Mangialardo and Anne Schuermann to cook for about twenty in the White House next week.

The president fell in love with Pi's pizza while in town for his rally under the Arch in October. Sommers says they'll serve several of the restaurant's specialty pies -- the Lincoln Park, the East Loop, the North Beach Classico, the Berkeley and (my personal favorite) the Bucktown -- as well as a specialty pizza for the president.

Gut Check will certainly be hounding Sommers upon his return to St. Louis for all the details of his visit, so stay tuned...

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