FoodWire: St. Louis Cellars Food & Wine Now Open

foodwire1.JPGMaplewood wine shop St. Louis Cellars (2640 South Big Bend Boulevard) has opened its new takeout cafe, wine bar and party space, St. Louis Cellars Food & Wine. The cafe is open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Sat. and features cooking from chef Greg Maggi, most recently of Robust.

St. Louis Cellars Food & Wine also offers "The Table at St. Louis Cellars Food & Wine." On Friday and Saturday evenings, groups of twelve can reserve the entire space for a multi-course meal prepared by Maggi and paired with wines. (See a sample menu.)

For more info on St. Louis Cellars Food & Wine, call 314-880-9000. For more info on "The Table," call 314-971-4856.

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