The Morning Brew: Friday, 8.21

Contaminated food recalls, corporate farming horrors, chemical over-saturation, antibiotic-resistant cooties ... America's in a deep food crisis. (Time)

Don't bother catching your own fish for dinner, unless you like mercury. (USA Today)

Fourthmeal? Fifthmeal? How many meals a day does this make? Taco Bell debuts breakfast menu. Burger King's new Angry Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich, while loaded with calories and fat, is just mildly agitated.  (New York Daily News, Houston Chronicle)

Junk food with added nutrients is still junk food. At least it's easier to add fiber to it. (Associated Press, Wall Street Journal)

It's not all bad food. President Obama goes local. (Huffington Post)

New gadget turns leftover wine and beer into biofuel. (Los Angeles Times)

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