Photos: The Head of Elvis, a Black Widow Spider and an Octopus (in Cake Form) at Iron Age Tattoo, 8/28/09

The bizarre cakes of Kerry Soraci, whose I Scream Cakes project is established in St. Louis, were on display Friday night at Iron Age Tattoo in the Delmar Loop. Photographer Stew Smith was there and brought back these photos.

I Scream Cakes-2.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
Just a hunka hunka frozen love: This Elvis cake is made from -- what else? -- peanut butter and banana.
I Scream Cakes-3.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
I Scream Cakes-6.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
Soraci's favorite cake, the Green Devil, is made from peanut butter and chocolate cake, with green- and red-dyed white-chocolate ganache. The hair is made up of chocolate modeling paste.
I Scream Cakes-7.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
Kerry painstakingly focused on the details of her cakes. Here on the Green Devil, she has molded white-chocolate ganache for teeth and a forked tongue.
I Scream Cakes-9.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
A peanut butter and chocolate sunflower cake.
I Scream Cakes-10.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
A close-up of the leaves on the sunflower cake. On shaping the leaves, Kerry says, "The hard part is keeping the shape you want -- it has to be really cold, like zero degrees to negative-ten."
I Scream Cakes-12.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
Triple chocolate black widow spider, a deadly combination.
I Scream Cakes-49.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
A detail shot of the crying skull. A sweet, yet morbid touch to a frosty treat.
I Scream Cakes-54.jpg
Photo: Stew Smith
The septapus, formerly the octopus, lost an arm in construction. It is made up of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and and peanut butter and chocolate cake. This was Kerry's most challenging cake.

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