Review + Slideshow: Chuy Arzola's

Jennifer Silverberg
My review of the new Chuy Arzola's is now available online. Chuy Arzola's is located at 3701 Lindell Boulevard. For more information, including the menu, visit the restaurant's website. In this week's Back of the House slideshow, Jennifer Silverberg takes you into the kitchen to show how Chuy Arzola's "Austin" dish is made.

Photos after the jump.

chuy's 05.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Chuy (left) and Coby Arzola (Eddie Arzola - not shown) - the family business. See more photos.
chuy's 06.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Coby, in the kitchen, shows us how to make the Austin. See more photos.
chuy's 07.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Place the chicken mixture on the tortillas. See more photos.

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