Throwback of the House: Childhood Memories, Destroyed by Pyrex

Todd Ehlers, Wikimedia Commons
Even the most hardcore food snob has that one processed food that she just can't shake. For me, it's pimento cheese. These days, I usually make my own with Scott Peacock's gussied-up recipe, but a few times a year I need the processed-orange-crap-in-a-deli-tub cheese from my childhood.

Thanks to Pyrex Prize Recipes, I'm over it. With its Salmon Rice Casserole recipe, Pyrex hasn't just turned me against my beloved pimento cheese, but I don't think I'll be able to eat rice, salmon or olives in any form ever again.

Robin Wheeler
I'm also thinking about selling my grandma's vintage Flamingo Pyrex baking set on principle. I only made this awful recipe because I had the pan featured in the photo.

Robin Wheeler
In a saucepan try to melt a bunch of commercial pimento cheese with some milk, salt and pepper. With homemade pimento cheese, melting's not an issue. The commercial stuff, though, is impervious to heat. You will have chunks.

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