Photos: Best Beers for Fall (and Spring, Summer and Winter)

While it's only September, the Oktoberfestivities have begun, with many microbreweries rolling out their fall brews over the past few weeks. St. Louis' largest American-owned brewery, the St. Louis Brewing Company -- better known, of course, as Schlafly -- hosted its own party on Saturday at its Tap Room, with Hop in the City, where all 41 of the brewery's seasonal beers were on tap at once. Say it with me, 41 beers.

Brewery co-founder Dan Kopman gave us his advice on the best beer for any season. Here in St. Louis, some of us could -- and do -- drink Budweiser heavy twelve months out of the year, but a seasonal brew can be a welcome change of pace from the lager. Photographer Nick Schnelle was at the beer fest on Saturday, and he brings us photos: a few people passed out, a crown made with beer caps and the ingenuity of the cooler-keg. (46-Photo Gallery from the "Hop in the City" beer fest.)

ABV: Alcohol By Volume
IBU: International Bittering Unit, which is the scale used to measure hop bitterness.

Best Beer Styles for Fall Drinking:
IMG_0294 copy2.jpg
Oktoberfest 5.5% ABV, IBU: 25
Not only is this beer great for fall because of its name, but this full-bodied and malty sweet amber lager is perfect for the cool days of fall. Traditionally aged in March, this MÓ“rzen-style beer only gets better with age when it comes out for Oktoberfest each year.

IMG_0301 copy2.jpg
Saison 6.2% ABV, IBU: 22
Released in late August, this medium-bodied Belgian ale starts the palette off with fruity and tart characteristics. Complimented by caramel malt barley and its amber color, this style is a leap forward from lighter summer beers to the familiar darker and heavier fall beers.

IMG_0312 copy2.jpg
Pumpkin Ale 8.0% ABV, IBU: 16
Described as "pumpkin pie in a bottle," this full-bodied amber ale is made with all the familiar flavors you might sniff at Thanksgiving dinner. Malty and rich, this style is spiced with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon and made with -- of course -- pumpkin!

IMG_0327 copy2.jpg
American IPA 7.2% ABV, IBU: 55
This style is all about hops, with three different kinds used. Don't be intimidated by the hop flavor: This beer has enough floral malt flavor to be a perfect blend for fall weather.

46-Photo Gallery from the "Hop in the City" beer fest.

Best Beers for Summer Boozing:
IMG_0462 copy2.jpg
Summer Lager 4.5% ABV, IBU: 17
The name lager comes from the German lagern for "to store," as brewers around Bavaria stored beer in cool cellars and caves during the warm summer months.

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