Review Preview: Seasons St. Louis

Jennifer Silverberg
The heirloom tomato terrine at Seasons St. Louis.
This week I visit Seasons St. Louis, which opened this spring in Chesterfield. Read a sneak preview after the jump.

On my first visit to Seasons St. Louis, the pianist played "Memories," from the Broadway musical Cats, which easily ranks as one of the sappiest songs in human history. Determined to see me run screaming toward the nearest Mastodon album, he also performed Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings" and Celene Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

On my next visit, there was no live music. Instead, the sound system purred smooth jazz. Frankly, I preferred the pianist.
Visit the RFT restaurant page tomorrow afternoon or check here Wednesday morning to see what I think.

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