Review + Slideshow: Seasons St. Louis

Jennifer Silverberg
My review of Seasons St. Louis is now available online. Seasons is located at 79 Forum Center, the strip mall at the northwest corner of the intersection of Olive Boulevard and Woods Mill Road. You can view the menu and much more at the Seasons website.

In this week's Back of the House slideshow, Jennifer Silverberg takes you into the kitchen as chefs Benjamin McNabb and Josh Striplin prepare some of their favorite dishes.
seasons 01.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Seasons St. Louis is a French American Bistro located at Olive and 141 in Chesterfield. It anchors a strip mall across the street from Dierberg's. See more photos from Seasons St. Louis here.

seasons 05.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Father and son duo, Bill (left) and Benjamin McNabb. They opened Seasons St. Louis with Bill's wife (Benjamin's mother) in March. As the restaurant name suggests, they will be changing the menu on September 22 for the fall season, but in the meantime, I photographed a four course meal with some of their favorite ingredients. See more photos from Seasons St. Louis here.
seasons 06.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
First was an Heirloom Tomato Terrine. The beginnings of, anyway... laying down the bed of mache to gently cradle the terrine. See more photos from Seasons St. Louis here.

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