Review + Slideshow: Mayuri

Jennifer Silverberg
My review of the Indian restaurant Mayuri is now available online. Mayuri is located at 12513 Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur, in the space previously occupied by the Indian restaurant Ruchi. For more information, call 314-576-7272 or visit the restaurant's website. In this week's Back of the House slideshow, Jennifer Silverberg shows off the restaurant's lunch buffet and takes you into the kitchen.
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Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
LN Rao Chilakala, co-owner of Mayuri. His partner is Dayaker Beravolu, who is based in Texas where they have two more restaurants. Rao used to be a senior software engineer at Enterprise, but always wanted to be a restaurateur. So, after twelve years in St. Louis, his dream has been realized. See photo slideshow from Mayuri.

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Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
The Indian food lunch buffet has become an expected standard. See photo slideshow from Mayuri.
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Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Naan, an Indian flatbread, not unlike a pita, is available at the buffet lunch. See photo slideshow from Mayuri.

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