Review + Slideshow: Taqueria la Monarca, Amigo Joe's and Latitude 26°

Jennifer Silverberg
My review of three new Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants -- Taqueria la Monarca in University City, Amigo Joe's on Southwest Avenue and Latitude 26° in Dogtown -- is now available online. In this week's Back of the House slideshow, Jennifer Silverberg takes you into the kitchen of Taqueria la Monarca, where you can see such delicious dishes as the tamales (pictured right) being made.
01 Taqueria la Monarca 246.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
The friendly 24 year old, Jose Coronel, seems to be the man-in-charge in this family owned Taqueria. See photo slide show here.

02 Taqueria la Monarca 247.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Jose in the kitchen with Vivian Acatecas. Menudo is stewing on the stovetop. See photo slide show here.
03 Taqueria la Monarca 248.jpg
Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Close-up of the menudo, which is a traditional Mexican soup made with tripe. See photo slide show here.

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