Throwback of the House: Three's Company for Sweet-Sour Appetizer Kebobs

Robin Wheeler
With the holidays officially upon us, Throwback will spend the next few weeks dragging out the party classics. Did you miss the days of bosses having secretary three-ways at office parties, or neighborhood shindigs where you spied Mom groping a Santa Claus who looked a lot like Wayne, the bachelor who lived up the street?

Time to bring those days back.

Robin Wheeler
Oh, the swinging '70s. Even the fuddy-duddies at Better Homes and Gardens got some of the action with 1981's Casual Entertaining Cookbook.

Yes, I know that's two years past disco's partner-swapping prime, but housewives are always the last to catch the fads. But when they did, they rocked the suburbs. While looking at the photos of hip, swinging couples and potential three-way buddies mingling over quick and simple hors d'oeurves in this book, my husband noted that if you look closely, you'll notice that one of the serving dishes is filled with keys.

Not really, but I wouldn't have been surprised if he was right.

Many of the recipes have names that include the words "nuts," "balls" and "kebob." The Sweet-Sour Appetizer Kebobs has a triple whammy: kebobs, made with wieners and a recipe loaded with threes.

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