Gut Check's Week in Tweets

Don't you know? Gut Check has a Twitter account. You can follow me @gutcheckstl.

Here's some of what you missed on my Twitter feed this week:

A few weeks ago I wondered when someone would name a dish after #stlblues T.J. Oshie. The Post sports bar in Maplewood has an Oshie Burger.
1:14 PM Dec 15th
Of course, the way the #stlblues have played this year -- especially that game on Friday! -- you might choke on it.
1:15 PM Dec 15th
Spilled a little beer as I poured it into a glass just now. I'll pretend I was pouring it out in honor of Richie Incognito.
6:55 PM Dec 15th
T.J. Oshie earned his burger tonight.
11:06 PM Dec 15th
What #stl restaurant was the biggest disaster this decade? I think the two favorites have to be Tuxedo Room and Red on Wash Ave. Others?
9:48 AM Dec 16th
Dolce (downtown) was a disaster, but amusing. Highlights: patron at the next table with the coke sniffles, high-class hooker in entrance.
10:07 AM Dec 16th

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