FoodWire: Haiti Earthquake Relief at the Royale Today, 1.18

Restaurants continue to offer opportunities for patrons to support earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti.

Today, The Royale (3132 South Kingshighway; website) will host Frantz Sanon, the pastor of Kingshighway Baptist Church, a French-language church, who is mobilizing relief efforts for his native country.

From The Royale's website:
Stop in and purchase any beverage of your choice to show your support. If you kick in an extra buck (or two) on each beverage purchase, we will kick in another buck (or two). We will be running a Haitian Happy Hour all day w/ $2.50 Missouri Drafts, and we will also offer several drinks featuring Haitian Rhum Barbancourt. So just add an extra dollar or two with each beverage purchase and The Royale will match your donation and ring the bell to mark your donation for Haiti.
Meanwhile, Joe Bonwich of the Post-Dispatch has details of several area restaurants donating toward earthquake relief on Wednesday, January 20.

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