Man vs. Burger: The Fuddruckers Five-Pound Challenge

Photo: Andrew Mark Veety
O'Connor sinks his teeth into the Fuddruckers five-pound burger.
​Playing Jay to Abegg's Silent Bob, O'Connor is a bundle of energy from the get-go, suggesting with a grin that this burger challenge is the reward for training hard for a fight. And like a prizefighter, O'Connor is a flurry of movement and mastication, often tilting his head back and to the side after a volley of bites as if he'd taken a volley of body blows and is prepared to return the favor.

Before digging in, O'Connor topped his burger with pickled jalapeños and a healthy slathering of mustard. Where Abegg opted to slowly dismember his burger with utensils, O'Connor roughly cuts his into four pie-like portions, bun and all, and proceeds to attack them by hand, one at a time.

Photo: Andrew Mark Veety
Midway through the burger challenge.
​For the first half-hour, both men make impressive progress. But as the minutes tick by, the burgers shrink more slowly. Abegg maintains a steady clip but by the 45-minute mark seems resigned to the fact that a pound or so of burger and half the bun will remain when time runs out. As O'Connor's pace slows, he continues to insist that the jalapeños were a good idea. Ultimately he concedes that perhaps this is not so.

After 60 minutes and untold calories, both men bow to defeat, though not for a lack of trying. Even at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, the purported birthplace of massive burger-eating events, challengers are given three hours to consume a six-pound burger.

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