Five Great Finds in the Passover Aisle

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Rules for Passover eating are bizarre and idiosyncratic, to say the least. According to the kosher rules (which are always open to interpretation to different schools of thought), only five grains banned: wheat, oats, barley, rye and spelt. Except maybe not spelt. And sometimes corn. And maybe legumes, if you roll that way. Soy? If it's fermented.

You get the idea. Either way, no pizza or beer for a week.

For some the prospect of restricted eating for eight days is unthinkable, so a vast range of Passover-specific products have popped up to ease the transition. Gut Check journeyed all the way to Ladue to check out this year's innovations.

Alissa Nelson
No more gummy kosher breakfast cereal, crank up the griddle!
Breakfast items: Used to be restricted to gummy Passover cereals that get stuck in the molars. Nowadays you can make pancakes get artificial syrup, and it's all corn-derivative free.

chocolate log.jpg
Alissa Nelson
Because when Passover hunger strikes, Snickers won't do!
Chocolate logs: What?

Alissa Nelson
Nothing says "kosher for Passover" like mini-gefilte fish
Fishlets: They're petite gefilte fish! Still gross -- but now easier to sneak to the dog.

Alissa Nelson
Oy'd like to teach the world to sing...
Passover Coke: Like Mexican Coke, in that it's made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, but only available once a year!

Alissa Nelson
A loaf of matzoh, a jug of Mani, and thou...
Manischewitz: Behold the majesty of concord grape wine. Also available in blackberry.

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