Cold Pizza Pi!

​Need a reason to put pants on come Sunday morning?

If you can get clothed and get yourself to Pi in the Central West End by 11 a.m., you can have cold pizza for breakfast.

Beginning this weekend the restaurant will offer a selection of its thin-crust and deep-dish pies -- with meat or without -- cold and by the slice every Sunday morning.

"It's a day that people are coming in with a little bit of a hangover and want something substantial, so cold pizza hits the spot," says owner Chris Sommers.

In addition, Pi will serve cold or heated slices of deep-dish egg pizzas. Also new in the CWE: waffles with house-made syrups.

Coffee cake, scones and organic Goshen Coffee also will be among the offerings beginning at 6 a.m. And because you're already dressed: Beer sales start at 6, too!

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