What Happened to Cup of Snow in Maplewood? [Update! It Was Hit by a Car!]

Ian Froeb
Cup of Sno, why have you foresaken us?
As we approach the month of May, Gut Check's thoughts turn to snow cones. So imagine our shock to discover that one of our go-to spots has...disappeared. That is -- or, rather, was -- the location of Cup of Sno pictured above, in the parking lot of the Family Video in Maplewood. Now only the park benches remain. Anyone know what happened?

If Cup of Sno doesn't return, we might head out there with our Snoopy Sno-cone Machine.

Speaking of snow cones, interesting blog post on the New York Times yesterday: Can syrup-flavored slushies improve athletic performance in high temperatures?

Update: (Wednesday, 4.28, 9:30 a.m.) Thanks to several commenters, who informed me that Cup of Sno was demolished by a car, as the Globe-Democrat reports.
...an elderly woman was driving a late model Cadillac northbound on Big Bend Boulevard when the car crossed the southbound lanes, jumped the concrete curb, plowed through some bushes and struck the snow cone stand, demolishing it.
According to the Globe-Democrat article, Cup of Sno owner Matt Sexton has a replacement stand and will reopen.

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