Hardee's Adds Eggs, Sausage to Its Biscuits & Gravy, Ensuring Your Fatness for Another Day

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You know that 2,000-calorie diet we're supposed to adhere to? St. Louis-based Hardee's fast-food chain wants you to knock out half of that sum before lunchtime, with its latest, ridiculous breakfast offering:

Just needs bacon.
So what's in it?
The new Loaded Biscuit 'N' Gravy starts with a classic Hardee's Made From Scratch™ buttermilk biscuit, which is split with a folded egg and a sausage patty topping each half and the whole thing covered with Hardee's famous sausage gravy. That's down-home.
The dish debuted on April 19 at all Hardees' restaurants and boasts 1,000 calories, according to the company website. Here's the full press release from Hardee's.

You may remember back in January when Hardee's rolled out another huge breakfast sandwich -- "'More Meat in the Morning:' Hardee's Rolls Out 830-Calorie Breakfast Sandwich" -- but the restaurant chain seems to have outdone itself here.

Gut Check contacted Hardee's publicity person Jenna Petroff about this slovenly gravy beast, and she had this say:

How have sales been thus far? What are mangers telling you?

Can't release sales figures, but all signs point to a hit. Add gravy and they will come.

How long will this be available?

It is released as a limited-time offer, but I don't currently have any hard end date.

What locations will be selling it?

All restaurants. It's running system.

Why isn't there bacon on it?

Hmmmm....like a Loaded Monster Biscuit 'N' Gravy, eh? The current build with sausage has a great flavor profile with the sausage gravy. But, our operations crews are always happy to accommodate special orders. Tell them to throw some bacon on it and I'm sure they'd oblige.

Is there a commercial for it?


What does Hardee's have planned next?
I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. And I made a vow never to kill again. Kidding. I only kill houseplants.

Here is the full rundown of nutritional information:

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