Photos From a Beer Fest: Schlafly's 'Repeal of Prohibition' Party at the Bottleworks in Maplewood

Cheers! Drinkers celebrated 77 years of OK'ed imbibing on Saturday in Maplewood.

Schlafly's Repeal of Prohibition Festival, held Saturday at Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue) provided 25 brews, from Schlafly and three Michigan based micro-breweries. $25 got beer-drinkers a festival glass with unlimited refills and a tasting guide.

The Michigan brewers at the event were all state-wide micro brewers, giving St. Louisans an opportunity to try flavors they may not taste otherwise. Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company, Short's Brewing Company and Kuhnhenn Brewing Company brought sixteen kinds of beer to the festival. The three breweries collaborate to get their goods to St. Louis. They rented a yellow Penske van and picked up the beer from each brewery.

Schlafly brought out twelve different beers, along with a very special brew that was made in combination with a German-based brewer. For more of that check out the photos below.

Jilian Rappaport (left) and Edina Appelbaum, both Washington University students, enjoying themselves at the Repeal of Prohibition Festival. Their favorite beer was "White Devil" by Kuhnhenn Brewing Company.
 Volunteering is always a good thing. But these volunteers, who kept the beer flowing all day long, also had the benefit of being able to drink on the job.

Prohibition in the U.S. lasted between 1920 and 1933. Judging from the popularity of this event, it's not likely to make a comeback anytime soon.

Eric Kuhnhenn (right) of Kuhnhenn Brewing Company poses with Curt Guntzviller, a brewer from Short's Brewing Company. They were part of the three different Michigan brewing companies invited to the festival.

Kim Kowalski (center) is a brewer from Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company, one of three Michigan brewers invited to the festival. Kowalski said Mt. Pleasant's Cow Catcher Red Ale and Coal Stokers Blackberry Ale were the most popular.

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Schlafly Bottleworks

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