Review Preview: Haveli

Jennifer Silverberg
Tandoori chicken and mango lassi at Haveli
This week I visit Haveli, an Indian restaurant that opened late last year at 9720 Page Avenue in Overland. Follow me over the jump for a sneak preview of my review.

By the time our entrées arrive, our brows are damp with cooling sweat, and thoughts of the beautiful weather outside are lost in a fog of spice. On this visit I've decided to apply my usual Indian-restaurant litmus test: lamb vindaloo. It arrives in the sort of brown crock in which French onion soup is served, but spooned over rice on a plate, its vermillion shade seems the brightest thing in the restaurant. The hunks of lamb are tender and flavorful, the meat's natural gaminess a natural match for the vindaloo's notes of tomato and vinegar. This isn't the hottest vindaloo I've eaten -- far from it -- but when I turn off my critic's apparatus for a moment, I enjoy it for what it is: simply good.
Visit the RFT restaurant page late tomorrow afternoon or check back here Wendesday morning to see what I think.

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9720 Page Ave., Overland, MO

Category: Restaurant

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