Battle of the St. Louis Craft-Brew Canned Beer!

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Ian Froeb
Local beer aficionados are all a-twitter (and a-Twitter) that Schlafly and O'Fallon have released beers -- the Helles-Style Summer Lager and Wheach, respectively -- in cans. Why cans? Dave Nelson explained on a post about the release of these two beers:
Cans are becoming much more common in the craft-beer world for three reasons:

1) They protect the beer from damage wrought by exposure to light.

2) They're lighter to ship.

3) They go places that bottles aren't allowed.
Also, they look so cute in those can cozies.

Here at Gut Check International Headquarters, we couldn't resist the chance to try both -- and pit them head-to-head in a little thing we like to call FIGHT CLUB SANDWICH.

The battle, after the jump:

Our highly scientific comparative metric: Is the can pretty? Does it taste good in canned form?

Yeah, yeah, we know. You should pour your beer out of the can into a glass to enjoy the full range of aromas, which in turn will allow you to blah blah blah. Screw it. You know where you're going to drink these? On float trips, at barbecues, while tailgating. You wanna be the goofball who brings proper glassware to the creek? Be my guest.

beer0518 002.jpg
Ian Froeb
Schlafly Helles-Style Summer Lager

Is the can pretty?

Yes! A nice medium-light blue, with bold yellow lettering and a slick black frame. Oddly, it reminds me of the design of a 1980's pack of baseball cards.

Does it taste good in canned form?

Not bad at all. Fairly close to the bottled version (when poured in a glass, of course), though I notice a lingering bitterness that I don't usually get from the bottled version (when poured in a glass, of course).

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