Study by Hot Dog Company Finds that Most Americans Enjoy Hot Dogs

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You've got to hand it to Hebrew National for putting out the press release with this, um frank, headline today:

"More Than 65 Percent of Americans Agree - A Picnic Isn't A Picnic Without Hot Dogs"

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Hot dogs and profit-driven, company-sponsored surveys: The American way, thank you.
​Just in time for summer, the kosher frank maker owned by Omaha-based ConAgra Foods, Inc., has released results of a survey it paid for that found that 65 percent of adults in a phone survey ("1,009 adults comprising 503 men and 506 women 18 years of age and older, living in private households in the continental United States") agreed with the statement that "that barbeques and summer picnics are incomplete without hot dogs."

Also found in the study: 70 percent of respondents said they preferred their hot dogs grilled -- which, coincidentally, is precisely the way the hot-dog company wants you to prepare their wieners.

Who are we to argue with the ethics of Hebrew National? They're just trying to sell hot dogs. And as the company's marketers are so fond of reminding everyone, they "answer to a higher authority."

Is this latest survey-turned-advertisement by Hebrew National as egregious as Domino's horn-tooting -- "Study By Domino's Says Domino's is Better Pizza than Competitors of Domino's"?

Probably not.

Domino's, after all, merely kneels at the altar of the Noid.

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