Owner of Gyro House Murdered [Updated 2x]

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Ian Froeb
Flowers at the entrance to Gyro House in University City
The Post-Dispatch reports that Ahmed Eltawmi, 50, owner of the Delmar Loop restaurant Gyro House (571 Melville Avenue) was shot and killed outside his Maplewood apartment complex on Friday night.
Des Peres Police Captain Charles Milano, who is the deputy commander of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad, ...described the suspect as a black male 5-feet-7 to 5-feet-10, thin build, shoulder length hair or dread locks, late teens to early 20s, wearing a white doo rag, white T-shirt and blue jeans. Milano said they believe the suspect is left-handed.
Update: (Monday, 6.7, 9:50 a.m.) The updated Post-Dispatch report includes reaction from those who knew Eltawmi. The police have also released a computer-generated sketch of the suspect. A couple of additional photos after the jump.

Update: (Tuesday, 6.8, 1:17 p.m.) The Post-Dispatch, on its Crime Beat blog, reports that friends and family of Eltawmi are offering $10,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect.

Gyro House remains closed. Pieces of poster board with messages from friends and fans have been placed in the front windows.

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Ian Froeb
The front door of Gyro House
The handwritten note reads, "Ahmed was a good man with a generous soul! If there is a heaven, he is surely there." The memorial service referenced in the notice at the bottom of the picture was held on Sunday.

gyrohouse0607 003.jpg
Ian Froeb
A tribute from Gyro House neighbors Vintage Vinyl.

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