Photo Dump: Inside Rock Hill's Plush Pig Barbeque

There's a picture of John Wayne on that wall. There are license plates tacked to the ceiling above your head. Also on the walls? A Cardinals banner, a few Beanie Babies, a mounted deer head, ribbons and a novelty oversize beer bottle cap. It's not quite like Applebee's, though, where the kitsch covers everything and your eyes glaze over it all. No, the decorations on the bright walls at Plush Pig Barbeque (2811 South McKnight Road) in Rock Hill are just sparse enough that each piece grabs your eye. In her weekly dining slideshow, Jennifer Silverberg provides a look at the interior of the new restaurant, in addition to the food.

plush pig 24.jpg

plush pig 11.jpg

View a full slideshow from the Plush Pig in Rock Hill.

plush pig 16.jpg

plush pig 17.jpg

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Location Info

Lampert's Plush Pig Barbeque - CLOSED

2811 S. McKnight Road, Rock Hill, MO

Category: Restaurant

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