The Morning Brew: 6.9

How to spot oil-tainted seafood? The nose knows. Slashfood reports that, in an effort to find a cost-effective way to keep products ruined by the BP oil disaster from reaching customers, the FDA and NOAA are busy training seafood inspectors on how to detect oil by smelling the fish.

The Atlantic visits with Shigefumi Tachibe, the chef credited with inventing tuna tartare in 1984, when customers turned up their noses at traditional beef tartare. ""Beef and tuna look similar," he says of that a-ha moment. 'And tuna is a fatty meat like red meat.' The chef quickly whipped up a mayonnaise sauce reminiscent of the one used in the beef version, diced the tuna into fine chunks, and tasted. 'It tasted pretty good,' he recalls. The diners loved their special dish and insisted it be added to the menu."

The mayor of Hawthorne, California, really loves to make homemade pizza dough. So much so that he's been charged with stealing a commercial-grade mixer from the elementary school where he works, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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