Garden Spot Market in Soulard Closed for Good

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​Sad news: Garden Spot Market in the Soulard Market, which opened just last year, is closed for good. The Shupp family, which owns Garden Spot and also Rick's Garden Spot Meats in Kell, Illinois, is moving to Maryland.

"It's time for a change," says Melissa Shupp, speaking on behalf of the family. "We've had some health issues. My dad [Rick Shupp]'s health has not been the greatest. We were hoping to find someone to take it over, but it didn't happen." The Shupps are also shutting down the plant in Illinois, where they produced their dry-aged beef.

Last weekend was to have been Garden Spot's last hurrah, but Rick Shupp had heart problems that put him in the hospital, so the family shut the market down prematurely. Melissa reports that her father is going to be all right.

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