13 Signs You Might Be a Foochebag

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douchebags copy.jpg
Foochebags in the wild.
Earlier this week, Gut Check learned a new word. It's now our favorite word...ever.


Foochebag is a portmanteau (which we think means it was smuggled into the English language inside someone's luggage) of the words foodie and douchebag and accurately summarizes the behavior on at least one occasion of everyone who doesn't eat to live, but lives to eat.

Not sure whether you're a foochebag? Follow us after the jump as we (with no apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, whom we hated even before the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Are You Smarter than an Igneous Rock?) explore some signs that you might be a foochebag.

13. If you use the phrase "I don't eat to live, I live to eat," you might be a foochebag.

Image from Tiny Bites
12. If you bring a camera with you to every meal, you might be a foochebag.

11. If the lens of your camera is bigger than the food that you're photographing, you're definitely a foochebag.

10. If you preface your Yelp review with, "Now, I don't normally like...", you might be a foochebag.
- from occasional Gut Check contributor Andrew Veety, via Twitter

9. If you correct others when they pronounce pho with an o at the end rather than "fuh," you might be a foochebag.

8. If you extol the virtues of authentic Oaxacan cuisine but pronounce it "oh-AXE-ah-can," you might be a foochebag, and you're definitely an idiot.

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