Target: Top 8 Suggestions for Sale Substitution Items

Categories: List Mania!, WTF?

Stores run out of items sometimes. It happens. Substitute a like item and everyone's happy, right?

Except perhaps shoppers who recently visited a Shiloh, Illinois, Target, hoping for Market Pantry brand zesty Asian boneless wings.

Here, have some plain ol' tilapia for your troubles!

​How is this a reasonable substitution? Well, maybe reasonable in the sense that the tilapia might be less likely to cause intestinal distress.

Maybe this is Target's gentle, passive-aggressive way of saying that perhaps we should consider a nice piece of fish instead of sugary-glazed, fried, frozen chunks of indiscriminate poultry product.

Or maybe they're just not trying very hard. If it's the latter, expect to see these substitutions that don't quite hit the bull's eye...

8] With such a great markdown on Market Pantry Cheese-Filled Crackers, it's going to be hard to keep them in stock. Better find something equally full of cheese to appease. How about a copy of Voices of the '70s from the mix-CD kiosk? Nothing says cheddary goodness quite like "Time in a Bottle"!

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