A Treasury of Dutch Illustrations About Constipated Women

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Earlier today, I went searching for a photograph of a toilet to illustrate a post about restaurant toilets being cleaner than restaurant high chairs. I found a perfectly adequate photo of a toilet.

I also stumbled upon these illustrations, apparently from Holland, of constipated women. What more can I say except "Enjoy!"

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It's unclear if this is woman is actually constipated, or if her butt is stuck inside her chamberpot.

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The Dutch caption for this illustration: "Constipatie tijdens de zwangerschap ga altijd naar de dokter als constipatie heeft tijdens de zwangerschap." The English translation on the website: "Constipation if you are pregnant." I'm guessing something was lost in translation.

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Apparently, this is a housewife with constipation. A triumphantly constipated housewife, from the looks of it.

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This, in contrast, is a "young woman" with constipation. You can tell she's young by her serene look, which conveys her naive belief that her bowels aren't constipated, merely lazy.

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This poor woman is either constipated or questioning why she let her unemployed "musician" boyfriend move in without asking him to pay rent. Or both.

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This is a Glamour "Don't!"

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