These Bumper Stickers Do Not Quack Me Up

Categories: WTF?
Let me preface this post by saying, emphatically, I have nothing against duck hunting or duck hunters. I don't hunt because a) I grew up in the suburbs and for a long time believed I had the God-given right to air-conditioning and shrink-wrapped meat, b) I look bad in camouflage and -- mainly -- c) if handed a gun, even with proper training, I would almost certainly shoot myself in the foot/leg/face by mistake.

However, this bumper sticker, witnessed today while driving to Gut Check International Headquarters, rubbed me the wrong way:

I cry fowl play!

I mean, it's just not sporting. You already have the gun, the camouflage, the blind, the decoy, whatever else. You don't need to brag about your overwhelming advantage over a species that is easily misled into suicide!

Then again, in the poor taste department, the It Flies, It Dies sticker has some competition from this beaut:


Though, clearly, the grand prize has to go to this one:


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