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Market Grill in Soulard sells pork "wings," which this cute little fella lacks.
A pig...with wings? That's what I found when I visited Market Grill in Soulard for this week's review. Follow after the jump for a sneak preview.
Hardened as I've become to gimmicks and fads -- to bacon-wrapped this and deep-fried that -- I confess that the pork "wings" at Market Grill got my attention. The primal pleasure of chicken wings combined with nature's tastiest critter? Sure, I'm game. Besides, $9 for three four-ounce "wings" isn't a bad deal.

The "wings" don't look like wings so much as individual ribs, each a plumpish hunk of deep-fried meat surrounding a bone roughly six inches long and no thicker than a finger.
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Market Grill - CLOSED

728 Lafayette Ave., St. Louis, MO

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