The Truest Thing Ever Said About Guy Fieri

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Guy Fieri, captured in a rare moment out of the spotlight
Official Friend of Gut Check Mike Seely, a former RFT staff writer and currently the managing editor of our sister paper Seattle Weekly, drops this keen wisdom on the spiky-haired dude many of us love to hate, Guy Fieri:
...his food-celeb juggernaut seems virtually immune to criticism. He'd be the Sarah Palin of cable television if Sarah Palin weren't already the Sarah Palin of cable television.
This is apropos of nothing, really. Just a little levity for the (near) end of a long week.

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Every time that I read about his restaurant Tex Wasabi or the menu thereof, it just makes me angry. I can scarcely think of two cuisines less complimentary than sushi and Texas barbecue.

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