Gut Check's Favorite Local Story of 2010: The Malt Imposter

Crown Candy Kitchen, site of our favorite local story of the year
Gut Check has a long-standing dislike of eating competitions and challenges, but even we had to admit shock and a certain grudging admiration when we first heard what happened at Crown Candy Kitchen in May.

A man named Kevin Ross undertook the St. Louis institution's malt challenge -- five malts in 30 minutes, which even Man vs. Food host Adam Richman couldn't endure without puking -- and obliterated it, finishing seven malts in six minutes.

Our friends at local gossip blog Punching Kitty deduced that this Kevin Ross must be the competitive eater named Kevin Ross. It wasn't. But this wasn't simply a case of mistaken identity, either. Read the Punching KItty story for the...delicious*...twist.

* - Sorry.

Location Info

Crown Candy Kitchen

1401 St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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