A Heretical Wish for More Chains in 2011

Jennifer Silverberg
The beef brisket at PM BBQ. Jimmy Z wants more brisket in 2011.
We asked what you do and don't want to see on the St. Louis food scene next year. Longtime reader and commenter Jimmy Z. has several wishes:
1. Anything, as long as it's well-executed and affordable.

2. Less Provel. ;)

3. More Colorado-style green chili.

4. More Texas-style brisket.

5. Continued success of new, local brewpubs.

6. And while it sounds heretical, some more chains, specifically Bonefish, Fatburger, Rock Bottom Brewery, Gordon Biersch and Pappadeaux.
Try the brisket at PM BBQ in Chesterfield, if you haven't yet, Jimmy Z. It's top-notch. As for chains, leaving aside the whole chain vs. independent argument for another time, what other chains would you welcome into the St. Louis market?

You can leave your own wish as a comment here or on the original post.

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161 Long Rd, Chesterfield, MO

Category: Restaurant

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