KFC Does Christmas Right ... in Japan

What do people in Japan eat for Christmas dinner? KFC, of course. Laos News reports that the American chicken chain has created a Christmas tradition of eating fried chicken in Japan. Their catchy marketing slogan is, "At Christmas you eat chicken."

If it's a KFC in Brazil, they'd better get ready to post the nutritional information. The Washington Post reports that Brazilian fast food chains have six months to post calorie information. At the current rate, Brazilians will be as fat as Americans by 2022.

Food writer Charlotte Druckman's writing a Tony Bourdain-style tell-all about women chefs. Eater says that the book, tentatively titled "Skirt Steak: Women Chefs on Standing in the Heat and Staying in the Kitchen" will cover all aspects of being a woman in the professional kitchen. Druckman will be posting a blog as she researches.

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