#5: Torta Ahogada at Taqueria Durango

Ian Froeb
The torta ahogada at Taqueria Durango
Ahogada means "drowned," and a torta ahogada brings carnitas and grilled onions on the traditional oblong bolillo roll coated with red-chile sauce. The sauce is smoky and, to my capsaicin-craving palate, medium hot. The carnitas are equally impressive: luscious with fat without seeming greasy, and quite flavorful. The onions add bite and a touch of sweetness, making for, on the whole, a terrific fork-and-knife sandwich.

Taqueria Durango
10238 Page Avenue, Overland; 314-429-1113
"For the Love of Tacos" - May 27, 2010

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Taqueria Durango

10238 Page Ave., Overland, MO

Category: Restaurant

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