Taqueria los Tarascos to Become El Porton Mexican Restaurant

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Ian Froeb
Taqueria los Tarascos to become El Porton
Taqueria los Tarascos in Woodson Terrace soon will change its name to El Porton Mexican Restaurant. And by soon, I mean maybe before I finish writing this blog post. When I drove past yesterday afternoon, workers had already put up the ON MEXICAN RESTAURANT part of the new EL PORTON MEXICAN RESTAURANT sign.

According to the employee with whom I spoke, the menu will be somewhat different and "better." At the moment, the restaurant is still serving the Tarascos menu. More details on the new stuff as I learn them.

Regular readers might remember that Tarascos, which I gave a very favorable review in 2008, revamped its menu at the beginning of the year.

Location Info

Taqueria Los Tarascos - CLOSED

4444 Woodson Road, North St. Louis County, MO

Category: Restaurant

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