Review Preview: The Tavern Kitchen & Bar

Jennifer Silverberg
The open kitchen, with seating, at the Tavern Kitchen & Bar in Valley Park
This year's restaurant reviews wrap up with a trip out to Valley Park to visit The Tavern Kitchen & Bar. Will this late entry find a place into my Top Ten Dishes of 2010? Follow me after the jump for a sneak preview of my review.
The chef is Justin Haifley. A St. Louis native -- to anticipate the inevitable question: Parkway West -- his résumé includes a lengthy apprenticeship under Roy Yamaguchi, best known as the founder of Hawaiian fusion cuisine. At the Tavern Haifley serves "upscale comfort food." Of course, there is pork belly.

Specifically, there is an appetizer called "Bacon & Eggs," a familiar, but not unwelcome, entry in the New American canon: a hunk of pork belly paired with an egg poached sous-vide -- sealed in a bag, then immersed for an hour in a hot-water bath -- and toasted brioche.
Visit the RFT restaurant page late this afternoon or check back here tomorrow morning to see what I think.

Location Info

The Tavern Kitchen & Bar

2961 Dougherty Ferry Road, Kirkwood, MO

Category: Restaurant

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