Top Ten X-Rated Xmas Treats (NSFW)

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10. Naughty Animal Cookies It's not entirely clear what's going on with these cookies, but it's definitely naughty. To wit: It appears that a donkey (or a small horse) speckled in green Christmas sprinkles is mounting a small, red-speckled polar bear. Well, you know what they say: Tis the season to be jolly.

Christmas Animal Sex.jpg
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9. Santa Ass Napkin Technically speaking, this is not a treat. But this is our list, and who among us can deny the usefulness of an accessory to help one avoid life's messy spills? And get a load of all those naughty Santas waiting for someone to, you know, slide down their chimney!

Santa Ass Napkin.jpg
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8. Candy Cane "Hide-A-Vibe" Vibrator The box says the Hide-A-Vibe "makes the perfect stocking stuffer," and who are we to argue? One thing's certain: Stockings ain't the only things this little holiday gem will be stuffing.

Candy Cane Vibe.jpg
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7. Santa Pecker Pop How can you not love a candy dildo that comes complete with a lil' beard and hat?

Santa Pecker Pop.jpg
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6. Jingle Balls Holiday Cock-Pops What genius came up with this idea?Judging by the color scheme, it was the same pervy Einstein who gave the world the Pecker Pop!

Jingle Balls Holiday Cock Pops.jpg
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