Busch's Grove Market (Version 2.0) Closing Saturday

Busch's Grove, the restaurant, endured for more than a century. Busch's Grove, the upscale grocery store, will have a considerably shorter run: The store announced last week via its email newsletter that it would close for business after Saturday, January 8.

(The Post-Dispatch reported this first, as far as I can tell.)

The email cites the bad economy for the market's closure. Indeed, it was confronted with a bad economy from the get-go: It opened (as the Market at Busch's Grove) in December 2008, a few months after the financial crisis that precipitated the recession.

Only three months ago Busch's Grove rebooted itself, changing its name from the Market at Busch's Grove to Busch's Grove - An Inspired Gourmet Market and introducing new specialty items.

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The Market at Busch's Grove-CLOSED - CLOSED

9160 Clayton Road, Ladue, MO

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Rich folks just don't pay for overpriced groceries like they used to.......


For all of the overpriced old money reputation that older incarnations of Busch's Grove used to have, this was actually a pretty great market. Like Straub's, but cheaper, seemingly more of a local focus, and with zero attitude from anyone, ever. They turned out a fine burger for the price, too.

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