Doritos Nixes Communion-Themed Ad from Contest

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Oh, these are heady days for a food writer looking for any excuse to use the term transubstantiation. Last week, we told you about an outbreak of hepatitis A linked to the communion wafers at a Catholic church.

Now comes word, via Grub Street, that Doritos has pulled a contestant from its annual "Crash the Super Bowl" ad contest for mocking the communion rite.

Here is the ad in question. Funny? Offensive? Dumb? What say you?

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Mike N.
Mike N.

Hmmm... it's really a toss-up for me. It is definately funny, and I don't find it offensive, but I could see how some people would.

Now, I haven't had all those years of Jesuit study like a certain food writer I could mention, but I thought any bread or wine could be transubstantiated. I mean, it's a stretch, but I think it would be 'legal', so to speak, to use Doritos and Pepsi Max, in the event of, say, a nuclear apocalypse were those were the only food stuff that survived. And of course, the Catholics will all be "Left Behind" after all the REAL Christians are raptured into heaven, so hey, it could happen.

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