From Kenny Rogers Roasters to Flav's Fried Chicken: What's with Celebs and Poultry Shacks?

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Oh great. Flavor Flav has started his own chain of chicken shacks. The first, Flav's Fried Chicken, opened in Clinton, Iowa this week, next door to a KFC.

Keep fighting the power, Flav.

To his credit, Flav "went to cooking school in 1978 and I got a degree in cheffing." His family owned a soul food cafe when he was a kid. And he's going to work, frying up the first batch of his New York-style fried chicken.

It's not like Flavor Flav's the first celebrity to venture into the restaurant business. Or even the chicken business. What attracts celebrities to chicken restaurants? That's a mystery for the ages.

Silver fox country crooner Kenny Rogers opened his first Kenny Rogers Roasters, dedicated to wood-fired rotisserie birds, in 1991, but filed for bankruptcy in 1998. Could Jerry Seinfeld have been the problem? A 1996 episode of Seinfeld placed a Kenny Rogers Roasters across the street from Kramer's apartment, with "a giant red sun in the shape of a chicken" on the roof. Problems ensued.

While Kenny doesn't have much business presence in the U.S. with his "chicken supernova", his restaurants still thrive in southeast Asia.

Jay-Z 's investing in Brooklyn-based wing joint Buffalo Boss. Jay-Z's cousin Jamar White opened the restaurant four months ago. His famous kin's financial presence increased business by 60 percent the week the news broke. Does he have "99 Chicken Bones" now?

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