Everything You Wanted to Know About Having Sex in a Food Truck But Were Afraid to Ask

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Flying Pink Pig star Ron Jeremy (right) with unknown fellow porn actor.
In Wednesday's edition of the Morning Brew, Robin told you about the porno filmed in a popular Los Angeles food truck. Yesterday, there was a scandalous update: The film was made without the permission of the owner of the truck.

Now Grub Street Los Angeles has an interview with the producer-director of The Flying Pink Pig, Erica McLean.


I think food and sex go hand in hand. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, as well as other parts.
"It's where the food sucks, instead of the girls," that's what I wanted on the side [of the truck] as a logo.
We have great camera people and you can really get into a lot of positions on the truck. It's even better actually because there is lots of counter space, so you can do all the positions. Just as long as the grill's not on.
We actually did a trilogy here. One wasn't really enough to tell the whole story.
I'm already looking forward to the sequel, tentatively titled Pi on the G-Spot.

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