The Inevitable Lawsuit Befalls the Food Truck Porno

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Flying Pink Pig star Ron Jeremy (right) later donated his mustache to the homeless man pictured here.
Gut Check's exhaustive coverage of The Flying Pink Pig, the porno shot on location in an actual food truck, continues -- though absolutely NOT because we want the producers to send us a free screener.*

The latest, perhaps unsurprising update, from TMZ, via Eater: Joe Kim, who owns the food truck, the Flying Pig, in which the film was shot, plans to sue the production company behind the porn if it doesn't halt its release next week.

Kim is claiming some of his customers are voicing "concerns about the healthfulness of the food served" by the truck and that "his reputation [is] at risk of being totally destroyed."
Is it unsanitary? Watch the NSFW-ish trailer for The Flying Pink Pig and decide for yourself!

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